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2018 Twickenham Beer & Cider Festival
Staffing Registration Form

We appeal to all local CAMRA members to come and help at the Twickenham Beer & Cider Festival. There are jobs for all ages and fitness levels, so please fill in this form and send it in today. Festival work is unpaid but there are staff beer and food vouchers for those working when the festival is open.
NB. If you do not have a Mobile or Telephone number please just enter n/a and give full address.

Your postal address including Postcode
Telephone No.*CAMRA Membership No.*CAMRA Branch Area  
Your E-mail address:* Mobile:*
Mandatory fields marked *
Please answer YES or NO to indicate your planned attendance at all the sessions shown below. (Times are only indicative - we CAN be flexible. Use comment box below if necessary)
Tuesday 23rd October - Setting Up
8am to 1pm 1pm to 6pm
Wednesday 24th October - Setting Up
9am to 1pm 1pm to 6pm
Thursday 25th October - Festival Open Noon to 10:30pm
9am to Noon Noon to midnight
Friday 26th October - Festival Open Noon to 10:30pm
9am to Noon Noon to midnight
Saturday 27th October - Festival Open Noon to 10.30pm
9:00am to Noon Noon to midnight
Sunday 28th October - Taking Down
9am till 1pm    
Monday 29th October - Loading scaffolding/casks/etc on lorries - 9am - 2pm approx.
From 9am...    
Please indicate if you have worked at a CAMRA beer festival before and in what capacity (eg Bar Work, Steward, Products, Front of House, Cider, Foreign Beer... )
Do you have any qualifications which could be of use at the Beer Festival (eg First Aid Certificate, Scaffold Erection, Electrician, HGV/Van Driver)
Do you have any medical conditions which we should be aware of or are there any areas of work you are unwilling to perform (eg Heavy Lifting, Scaffold Climbing)
GDPR - Details supplied will be retained for future festival communication, however, we can delete this information if you do not wish to be contacted next year - please indicate 'delete'.
Any comments? (optional)
I agree to abide by all Hygiene and Health and Safety guidelines recommended for the festival by CAMRA, Richmond and Hounslow CAMRA, York House Management and Richmond Council.
Please note that you will be asked to sign a declaration in person at a later date.

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